Monday, December 8, 2008

Install software and save settings on Wyse XPe devices (V90L)

Details can be obtained in the Wyse XPe Admin Guide manuals (located in and Microsoft description (
  1. Log off user. Press and hold the Shift key during logoff so that the logon screen is prompted.
  2. The user ID and password are both "Administrator" for you to log onto the Adminitrator desktop.
  3. Double click the desktop icon, FBWF Enable, to enable File Based Write Filter, which will immediately reboot the device.
  4. After the reboot, there will be a green balloon in the system tray to indicate that File Based Write Filter is running.
  5. Make the changes in the normal User sessions, e.g. create custom ICA settings and desktop icons. ICA connections created in the PN under the Administrator account is not accessible to normal User.
  6. Log off and log onto the Administrator desktop.
  7. Install the software and make other priveleged operations here.
  8. Double click the FBWF icon in the system tray to open the File Based Write Filter Control dialog box.
  9. Click Commit Changes button to save your configurations.
  10. Reboot the device to verify the settings.
  11. Double click the desktop icon, FBWF Disable, to disable File Based Write Filter, which will immediately reboot the device.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Publish Lotus Notes client in Citrix

There is a Lotus Technote 1202109 to guide how to publish Lotus Notes client in Citrix XenApp (Presentation) server. But here I need to add a few more comments.

Step #1.b: Lotus Notes shall be installed with the Add/Remove Programs snap-in. Alternatively, you can change your current session to Install mode by running "change user /install" and run setup.exe to install Lotus Notes client.

Step #4.Script A: I didn't create this logon script. Instead, I created system environment variable, RootDrive. This can be completed by opening Control Panel > System > Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables (button), and add a new system variable (not a user variable in the upper section!).

Final Step: You must log off and log on with a unprivileged user account to launch Notes. If you open it under an administrative account, then it will report an error, "CLFRJ0010E: Notes initialization failed", when a second administrator tries to open Lotus Notes on the same terminal server. However, two or more unprivileged IDs could use Notes concurrently. I checked but there is no Technote to describe this error.

Additional Step: You must run "change user /execute" to be able to run Notes in your session. Otherwise, it will fail.