Thursday, December 4, 2008

Publish Lotus Notes client in Citrix

There is a Lotus Technote 1202109 to guide how to publish Lotus Notes client in Citrix XenApp (Presentation) server. But here I need to add a few more comments.

Step #1.b: Lotus Notes shall be installed with the Add/Remove Programs snap-in. Alternatively, you can change your current session to Install mode by running "change user /install" and run setup.exe to install Lotus Notes client.

Step #4.Script A: I didn't create this logon script. Instead, I created system environment variable, RootDrive. This can be completed by opening Control Panel > System > Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables (button), and add a new system variable (not a user variable in the upper section!).

Final Step: You must log off and log on with a unprivileged user account to launch Notes. If you open it under an administrative account, then it will report an error, "CLFRJ0010E: Notes initialization failed", when a second administrator tries to open Lotus Notes on the same terminal server. However, two or more unprivileged IDs could use Notes concurrently. I checked but there is no Technote to describe this error.

Additional Step: You must run "change user /execute" to be able to run Notes in your session. Otherwise, it will fail.

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